Who We Are


We want to bring more laughter, fun and thought provoking ideas in to the apparel industry. Combined, our witty, sarcastic, and improv-like personalities will pour out in to our tee designs, which come from things we randomly say or tell each other, mixed in with some pop culture or current even references. When a celebratory high-five occurs we know we have a winner! It's like an unfiltered sense of humor. We can make an impact in the clothes and accessories niche, no doubt.




It's no secret, this venture is a partnership inside & outside the business! The owners are married. Awesome & In love with each other & the thought of making our mark on the t-shirt niche (community). Not only do we work our own hours, but we get to work with each other everyday!  Van controls much of the marketing, Graphic Design, Social Media & SEO while Shannon runs the "yay or nay" daily decisions, Product Photography, as well as the R&D. She also is a huge help with the answering and replying to emails and messages.


  • PassionA constant inner drive to always create unique, memorable and impactful design solutions that deliver the message clearly 
  • Focus - The ability to dial in on a strong creative idea or concept behind the design while always maintaining the client’s vision 
  • KnowledgeExperience, proficiency and expertise in the graphics industry and the latest technology in all areas, from design to production 
  • Speed - Unsurpassed task agility to turn jobs around quickly to meet tight deadlines, while maintaining a premium level of quality